Activities Center

The Game Room

Children PAL Members laughing and drawing.The Game Room features four pool tables, two foosball tables one air hockey table, and one ping pong table. Also, filled with many board games, puzzles, and legos. PAL members can have endless fun. We also have huge screen TV to watch movies and even do video game hour.

The Learning Center

Staff working with kid members in the Learning Center

From 2:30-5:15pm Monday-Thursday, The Learning Center houses the Homework Club. There, PAL members can receive tutoring on their homework from PAL staff and volunteers. Homework Club participants may be rewarded with a treat on random days, so make sure you don’t miss out! There’s also a load of books that the PAL members can read. As well as computers to study or play math and word games on.

The Intel Computer Clubhouse

10478363_844066475618146_2420907690590651781_oThe Intel Computer Clubhouse is a dynamic environment and part of a world wide network. In the Clubhouse the youth will get hands on experience with high-end professional hardware and software, develop technical fluency, and build their skills and self confidence through the use of technology. The Computer Clubhouse provides youth with practical 21st century skills- preparing them for success.

Clubhouses host a variety of programs including…

Clubhouse-to-College/Clubhouse-to-Career – The C2C program offers Clubhouse Members educational and professional tools, activities and hands-on support to move forward in their lives with confidence, skills, and  purpose.

Teen Summit – Every two years, Computer Clubhouse youth leaders from all over the globe are chosen to come to Boston for the Teen Summit. During the Summit, Members learn about other cultures, explore career opportunities, experience life on a college campus, collaborate on projects, learn new technologies and more.

The Art Room/Kitchen

Kitchen at Beaverton Activities Center

PAL members use this area to get their creative minds flowing. From water painting to crafting, your project ideas are limitless. Some art and drawing classes may be available.  PAL members also have the opportunity to take some cooking classes.

The Gym

Gymnasium at Beaverton Activities Center

Hip-Hop and Zumba dance classes are offered to PAL members. We will also have our Fitness and Running Club held in the gym or outside. Boxing is available for PAL members (additional fee). Boxing team meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 6:00-8:00pm.

Upcoming Events


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We are located at…

Beaverton Activities Center
12500 SW Allen Blvd.
Beaverton, OR 97005

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