Why Join a Non-Profit Board?

Joan Garry is widely known as the “Dear Abby” of nonprofit leadership, Joan works with board and staff as a strategic advisor, crisis manager, change agent and strategic planner. Joan also teaches at the University of Pennsylvania with a focus on nonprofit communications and leadership.

In other words, Joan is a total rock star in the non-profit world.  Here at Beaverton PAL, we are looking to expand our board of directors, so we’re hoping Joan’s words may inspire you!


“I have a big chip on my shoulder. It’s not very attractive.

It’s about folks who have time but do not volunteer to serve on a nonprofit board.

And I’m not just talking about folks who are retired, are philanthropic, and have time. I’m talking about pretty much everyone who doesn’t have babies spitting up on them or elderly parents living with them.

OK, I’m exaggerating but I’m trying to make a point. Everyone is busy and there are always excuses.

I am here to tell you that solid citizens who are committed to making their community, their school, and their world a better place — those willing to raise their hand for board service — are among the single biggest needs in our society.”

Read the full blog and top ten list here!


Interested in joining the PAL board?  Contact Jules.