Volunteer Spotlight: Coach Mac

Blog from PAL Boxing Gym Coach Mac Galloway

I started boxing at the age of 13.  It was 1994, over at the gym of West Portland and Charlie Rios was one of my coaches.  I went to the gym for two years, just hanging out, but then I started competing, even advancing to national events.

Those years in the boxing gym were very instrumental to me as a young man.  It taught me skills such as hard work and commitment.  I did not have a father figure growing up, so the coaches in the boxing program.were what I needed.  They helped me be the man I am today.

I ran into Charlie almost 10 years ago at Washington Square and he said I should check out his gym.  Shortly after, I walked into the Beaverton PAL Boxing Gym for the first time.  I have been a dedicated volunteer coach since then, sacrificing my time, family, and work to help make the program successful.

I volunteer at PAL it to give back.  We have worked with thousands of kids over the years, teaching hard work, self-control, and discipline just to not make great boxers, but to make great members of the community.  Children need a positive outlet and activities to occupy their time.  It is critical that Beaverton finds a new home for the boxing gym and after school program.

We have produced national champions in our gym, but not every kid we have will achieve that level.  Many may not even get in the ring to spar, but most children are there because it gives them a positive social outlet with their friends and it provides a healthy workout.  Kids in the gym lose weight, gain self-confidence, and find positive adult role models.  The biggest reason kids through come through the door is because we challenge them to be a better version of themselves.

All of the coaches in the boxing gym are volunteers.  Boxing shows in our gym give our kids a chance to compete against athletes from other clubs and raise money to support traveling to events and equipment.  THIS IS A GOOD PROGRAM THAT GIVES BACK TO THE COMMUNITY AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO FOR GENERATIONS.  I believe this is how you make communities better: By giving back and investing in future generations like Coach Charlie invested in me.

We are unbelievably blessed with the boxers, coaches, and the support of the City of Beaverton and Mayor Doyle.  This program needs a home so it can continue.  Our next boxing show is Saturday, March 18, at the PAL Boxing Gym.  I encourage all of you to come by and see the effects of the hard work of these kids.