Fighting Without Trouble

Today’s blog is from Cruz Solano, a Beaverton PAL boxer, who placed second twice in National Silver Gloves competitions before taking a title in 2014.  He shares why boxing is important to him.


My name is Cruz Solano.  I was eight years old when I walked into the Beaverton PAL Boxing Gym for the first time.  At first, I was disgusted by the sweaty smell of the people training in the gym, but then I grew to appreciate it because it was the scent of hard work and dedication.  I fell in love with boxing because it was the only way I could fight without getting in trouble.  Thank to PAL, I found a passion that keeps me away from drugs, violence, and gangs.  It’s a completely safe environment where discrimination and harassment are not tolerated.  I have been involved with Beaverton PAL for half of my life, eight years, and I am grateful to be part of it.  It has had a significantly positive influence on my life and has helped me grow as an individual.  It disciplined me to become respectful, responsible, and to be a role model for the younger kids who look up to me.

From a Champ!

Check out our first blog from Boxing Gym member Angie Ornelas:

Because of all the great coaches who volunteer at Beaverton PAL, I’ve learned that boxing is an astonishing sport to learn and participate in.  PAL’s Boxing Gym has been my second home for about seven years.  I began boxing at age eleven.  PAL Boxing Gym has been the reason for many of my accomplishments both in the sport and outside the sport.

Through Beaverton PAL Boxing Gym I’ve learned what discipline and hard work looks like.  Boxing helped me release stress, stay focused on my goals, and meet great people.  My coaches and friends at Beaverton PAL inspired me to be the best version of myself and have taught me to not give up.  The Beaverton PAL Boxing Gym provides a great environment for all.  The volunteer coaches are very welcoming and enjoy interacting with those who want to be a part of boxing.

Thanks to this program I participated in local and national amateur events.  As a competitive boxer, I won two national titles.  This program kept me active outside of school.  I would definitely encourage anyone age eight or older to come in and be a part of this boxing environment.  I believe Beaverton PAL Boxing Gym is a second home to anyone who becomes a part of it.